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Place branding Marke Vorarlberg Pitch - Corporate Design

As a finalist of the "Marke Vorarlberg" design competition, Olex was commissioned to design a number of different brand elements for the new brand Marke Vorarlberg, the so-called "place branding". The developed concept was subsequently presented in the course of a pitch to a jury consisting of representatives from the state of Vorarlberg, the social partners, representatives of the steering group and international experts.

Project info: design corporate identity and various brand elements incl. website.

In our design proposal, the values of the brand's core were implemented through the outline of the existing coat of arms of the province of Vorarlberg, a reduced smiley face and suitable typography.

In detail, the outline of the coat of arms stands for history, tradition, cohesion, quality, inventory and values. The smiley stands for dynamism, openness, playfulness, wealth of opportunity, creativity, helpfulness, ingenuity and courage. The typeface communicates stability, home, strength and diversity.

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The main focus is set on the human being. One of the key requirements of the Vorarlberg brand identity: "In 2035, the state of Vorarlberg should stand for promising future and the place to be for our youth and children."

Development of a campaign consisting of the logo and its applications, as well as photos and texts. The respective elements of the corporate identity can be flexibly adapted depending on the requirements and field of application.

Marke Vorarlberg Flaggen
Marke Vorarlberg Taschen

Presentation of various application examples (digital and analog) to illustrate the flexibility and expandability of our concept.

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