Ill-Walgau Water Association

Ill-Walgau Water Association

The Wasserverband Ill-Walgau is a municipal institution consisting of the municipalities and cities along the river "Ill" in the Walgau valley. The core tasks of the association include the construction and supervision of flood protection and renaturation projects along the river bed. Furthermore, the association makes important contributions on improving the ecological functionality of the river.

Projekt info: Web Design & development, WordPress, photography and video production.

Ill-Walgau Water Association screenshot home page

The Ill-Walgau Water Association commissioned OLEX to design and program a visually appealing and user-friendly website and in order to do so, capture the beauty and scale of this multi-generational project. The main purpose of the new online presence is to be able to communicate the activities of the association and its members transparently to the general public.

Ill-Walgau Water Association home page bottom

Another important requirement was to give the water board the opportunity to edit and manage all areas of the website independently. This plays a central role, especially with regard to the expansion of the website with new flood protection projects and renaturation measures.

In the background, a flexible WordPress system specially developed for the water association ensures that the website can be expanded with new elements and content in the future without great effort.

Ill-Walgau Water Association nature

In the course of designing the new website, we took on the photo and video production for the projects NFP Feldkirch, flood retention Bludesch/Gais and the NGP bottom ramps in Nüziders.

Water flooding proection Nüziders
Ill-Walgau Water Association mobile views
Ill-Walgau Water Association tablet views
Flooding in Feldkirch anno 1910
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