Urban Foxxes - Refashion

Urban Foxxes is a sustainable fashion label in Feldkirch, Austria. Second hand, vintage clothes and excess materials are used to create timeless, exclusive and unique pieces. The collections are ennobled in the Feldkirch studio and sold at fair prices.

Project info: branding, corporate identity, art direction, ecommerce, web design & development, WordPress. urbanfoxxes.com

Urban Foxxes logo
Urban Foxxes corporate design

Urban Foxxes’ new look stands for urban chique. Do it yourself and fashion in the context of sustainability. The use of a plain and simple typeface ennobled with a playful combination of characters, gives it that special something.

Urban Foxxes stationary
Urban Foxxes corporate identity

The new e-commerce website is based on a simple grid in order to limit the shopping experience to the essentials. It is optimised for desktop and mobile devices to guarantee for maximum user friendless.

Urban Foxxes ecommerce home
Urban Foxxes ecommerce shop
Urban Foxxes ecommerce mobile
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